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What’s Going on at That Fish Place – That Pet Place: December Edition

Happy Holidays from That Fish Place – That Pet Place! We hope everyone had a happy and safe holiday with their families and four-legged friends! A few highlights from our Lancaster, PA retail store over the last month –

1. Continuing to Expand with the Astro Free Food and Pet Supplies Program

This month, we’ve continued to work to expand our application of the Astro free pet food and supplies program in our stores. This is a challenge for us because it’s one more thing the team has to work with you on at checkout. The Astro program, however, allows us to offer digital redemption of free frequent buyer pet food, as well as other pet supply options, all managed by an online app you can use yourself. We are excited to be able to expand on this program as our team’s familiarity with it grows and start offering even more money-saving programs to our Pet Rewards customers. Want to see if you can save more on what you’re buying? Ask an employee today!

2. New SIGNS!

So, we’ve finally gotten around to replacing the signs on the front of our building. We had attempted to do it ourselves a few years ago starting with the ‘That Pet Place’ sign, but it simply wasn’t able to hold up to the weather. Now, we’ve worked with a local sign company to proudly display our ‘That Fish Place’ and ‘That Pet Place’ logos again on the front of the store. They’re equipped with light sensors now too, so they’ll kick on when it gets dark. Our logo is a big part of our identity, so it means a lot to our team that we were able to get these signs designed and put up. Take a look the next time you’re in!

3. Holiday Commercial

For the first time a few years, we decided we needed a holiday commercial. Fortunately, we were able to connect with a local company, Kinectiv, to help us! Given that a lot of people depend on us, particularly now, for their pet food, treats and essentials, we decided to feature a dog on Christmas morning waiting to open presents. Our commercial aired in the Lancaster county area over the holiday season, and, most likely, will be back next year too. Take a look, we hope you liked it!

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