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What’s Going on at That Fish Place – That Pet Place

January Edition

Happy New Years, and thanks for reading! Please enjoy our December/January recap on what’s happening at That Fish Place – That Pet Place retail store in Lancaster, PA.

More Cat Supplies…But…

The original “Wild Bird” Aisle

So, over the years, we’ve noticed that customers are super interested in our cat supplies offerings. On the other side of that, they’ve become increasingly less interested in our Wild Bird offerings.

Whatever the reasons may be for that, we’ve decided to begin expanding our cat offerings and, unfortunately, that meant cutting into the Wild Bird selection. Keep your eyes open for a greater, easy-to-shop selection of cat supplies in 2021!

Still Waiting on Larger In Store Events

It was definitely a hard call to make, but we were forced to adjust our biggest event of the year, The Love Your Pet Event, to be less of a single-day extravaganza and more of a controlled, spaced out event. This of course, was the case with our Santa Photos over the holidays as well. Our store will continue to do what we can to help create the safest environment we can for our employees and customers, and unfortunately, right now that means discouraging large-crowd events.

Weekly Livestock Preview Videos on Facebook & Fish Room Tips

We get a ton of questions, and admittedly, some complaints, that we don’t always have the fish in stock that certain customers want, when they try to come buy them. The reality is, that in most cases, the demand for fish is so high, that we already sold out of our stock before everyone interested can get to it. With this in mind, we’ve begun posting ‘fish room previews‘ at the end of the week to give you a heads up as to what you can expect should you decide to make the trip. For anyone who has ever been here, particularly on the weekend, you know we can get extremely busy. This allows you to get kind of a head start as to what our selection looks like. Also, here are a few  ‘pro tips’ in regards to the fish room if you’re trying to make sure you get the fish you want:

  • Most of our stock comes in Wednesday and Thursday, and once it’s quarantined and checked for health it’s ready for sale. If you’re REALLY looking for something special, our advice is always to try to pop in Thursday night or Friday morning to ‘catch’ the best stock levels.
  • Finally, our website actually mirrors the in-store inventory, so you can get a pretty accurate (it only changes when they go through the registers and purchase, so if the fish you want is in someone’s cart bagged up, it won’t reflect that) picture of the available fish in the store as well. Check out thatpetplace.com/aquarium-livestock.
  • Also, if a fish IS out of stock on the website, you can sign up for back in stock alerts. This way, as soon as the fish is back in stock, the system will automatically alert you.

Have a great month!

The team at That Fish Place – That Pet Place

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