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A 9-11 Tribute – Search and Rescue Dogs at Ground Zero

It’s hard to believe that it has been almost a decade since the Twin Towers fell. Each year we bow our heads in remembrance of those lost and in honor of those who worked tirelessly in the days and weeks following that fateful day. Some don’t remember or don’t know that service dogs played a vital role in search, rescue and recovery at those disaster sites. I came across this video tribute to the service dogs who worked the Trade Center site, and I really think it is something for everyone to see. Please watch the video and remember these magnificent animals for their past and present service.

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    As the 10 yr. anniversary of our nation’s greatest tragedy approaches, let it be known that those who lost their lives that day, and the families who survived them, are still in our thoughts. Thank you for posting this poignant, wonderful tribute to those rescuers and their dogs who searched tirelessly for survivors and victims of the WTC. The faces of the dogs and rescuers speak louder than words with an eloquence that captures the sorrow of those dark days. Beautiful music.

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