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10 Ways to “Go Green” – Environmentally Friendly Pet Edition

Adopt from a Shelter There are so many unwanted animals already in the world waiting for loving homes. Bring home one of these loveable mutts rather than opting for a purebred dog – who was born and raised purely for profit.

Donate Clean out your closets, but before you toss away any old towels, leashes, or toys call your local animal shelter to see if they are in need of donations. You would be surprised by the variety of stuff shelters are in need of (even old computer equipment)!

Spay/neuter Your Pets Unwanted litters of animals only compound the issue of pet over-population.

Try a Natural/Organic Diet Many low grade brands of dog food have unsavory processes of making their ‘foods’. Natural & organic foods use ingredients raised in a sustainable manner. No pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, or artificial additives.

Buy “Green” Accessories There are oodles of toys and accessories on the market now that are ‘green products’ using natural materials and organic products.

Use Natural, Earth-friendly Cleaning and Grooming Products Using non-toxic, biodegradable cleaning products and shampoos reduce your pet’s carbon footprint and are also healthier for you and your pets.

Eco friendly Poo Power Make sure that plastic bag you are scooping with is biodegradable! Consider investing in a doggie septic system to reduce the number of number two’s going in the landfill. When choosing kitty litter, buy products that are made from recycled materials or natural materials. Avoid choosing litters that contain mined minerals.

Recycle It seems like common sense, but make sure you’re recycling those empty cans of cat food and boxes of biscuits according to your local regulations.

Buy in Bulk Consider buying the Extra-Large bag of food or treats. You can save money and reduce the amount of packaging that goes into the trash can.

DIY Treats Bake your own doggie biscuits. They’re nutritious, easy to make, and you won’t be adding any more packaging to the local landfill. If Fluffy absolutely has to have her brand, look for packaging that is recyclable.

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