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My Dog’s Christmas Wish List for 2013

IMG_3153Today’s guest blogger is Barret, my wonderful, fun-loving, 3-legged best friend. In case you’re wondering, he’s an odd mix of Cocker Spaniel and Miniature Pinscher. Don’t laugh; I’m pretty sure that the items on this list are exactly what he’d ask for if he could! Without further ado, here is Barret’s 2013 christmas wish list for Santa Claus.


      1. Patchwork Pet Colossal Plush Toys: I just love to snuggle with toys that are the same size as me or larger. I drag them up to the couch, knead them with my front paw until it’s just at the right spot, and then ahhhhh… pure bliss.
      2. A big stocking full of RedBarn Filled Cow Hooves: These are my favorite treats… well out of the treats that Mom will let me have. Sometimes I eat them too fast though and get an upset belly, but it’s totally worth it. The filling in these smell and taste so good, my mouth is watering now!
      3. I really hate the cold, rain and snow, so a new Sherling Dog Coat would really help me out this winter. We’ve gotten that white stuff twice already! Yuck! It’s so cold I usually hide when it is time to go outside to potty. What’s great is the design of this coat will still work for me even though I only have 3 legs.

Leopard Memory Foam dog bed4. This leopard print Memory Foam mattress is right up my alley. I’m a bit of a Diva, so I really like animal prints, and this leopard print matches my collar exactly! Being a tripawd, it can sometimes be hard to navigate big fluffy pillows; one of these should be firm enough to keep me from getting tripped up, but still snuggly, soft and warm.

5. Speaking of animal print, this zebra print flexi leash is much cooler than the red one Mom has for me now.

6. With all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, sometimes I get so excited that I just can’t calm down. I’m thinking that some of this new calming supplement from Hilton Herbs might do the trick. Just to take the edge off…

7. You might not believe me, but I LOVE bath time! Really, I get very excited for a long, warm soak in bubbly water. My only complaint is that I come out smelling like a girl. This manly-smelling shampoo from Tropiclean is just what the masseuse needs to order.


Bubble bath dog8. Speaking of bath time, the only part I don’t enjoy is getting dried off. Luckily, Furminator was nice enough to create this FURDRY robe for dogs so that I don’t need to get blow dried anymore!

9. Another thing I love is car rides! Unfortunately, since I had to have my leg amputated to get rid of that nasty cancer in my body, I haven’t been able to steadily stand to look out the window. I slip and slide and sometimes fall down. One of these car booster seats should lift me up high enough to see where we’re going and keep me from falling.

10. Lastly, I’d like a dog agility starter kit. I like working for treats and I love spending time with my Mom. Setting up one of these in the yard would be fun to play with my Mom more… and get some tasty treats in the process!

So there you have it, straight from Barret’s mouth. Looks like Santa has some shopping to do!

Even if you can’t afford to spend a bunch of money on your pets’ this season, take a moment to spend a little extra time with them during this busy holiday season. We humans can get awfully busy and stressed around this time of year, and our pets can sense this and get stressed themselves. An extra treat here, an additional walk around the block there, or even just an extra-long belly rub will do. Any extra affection that you show your pet will be appreciated. Anyone who loves a dog or a cat knows that they aren’t materialistic and all they really want for Christmas is to spend more time with you; their moms and dads, brothers and sisters.

How about you, what will your furkids find under the tree this year?

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