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Some cat grooming may be best left to the professionals

Hi Pet Blog Readers! I’m pleased to introduce a guest post by Rick Jacobsen in Phoenix, AZ. Rick has three grooming tasks in mind that might just be better left to the professionals. If you’re in the Lancaster, PA area, stop by grooming center, That Groom Room, for a consultation and meet our resident groomers who will pamper your pets with a day at the “spa”!

Cat in lapEven cat lovers acknowledge that they can be fussy creatures and depending on the breed, it can take a lot of effort to properly groom your cat. For example, trying to groom a Persian feline can be a real challenge and in most cases, it is best to leave unwilling participants in the hands of experts! Many cat owners are guilty of delaying the grooming process and this only serves to make things worse, as their pets can suffer from matted hair and it may also be the case where certain medical conditions go unnoticed, because you did not recognize the symptoms. Below, we take a quick look at what a professional cat grooming service can do for you and your beloved pet. Here are my top 3 grooming tasks that should be left to the professionals.

Combing a Cat’s Fur

Cats love being stroked, so a good hair brushing session is heaven on earth for your four-legged friend. However, poorly executed hair brushing can lead to all sorts of problems. It is necessary to use a combination of a wide- and fine-tooth comb for best results, especially when dealing with long-haired cats. A professional groomer can also spot skin irritations and parasites, such as fleas and ticks, as he works. A common mistake cat owners make is to use scissors to get rid of hair matting. Clumsy use of the scissors could end up injuring a squirmy cat.

Cleaning a Cat’s Eyes & Ears

ears cleanedIt is important to check the ears, eyes, teeth, and nails of your cat regularly; especially since many cats are prone to eye tearing and in such instances, it is necessary to use special wipes to clear the eyes. Cleaning the ears is a delicate matter and if you aren’t careful or don’t check the ears at all, you are leaving your cat open to infections and other problems. Professionals will check the ears of your cat for wax or dirt buildup and will use a specific cleaning agent, along with cotton balls, to thoroughly address debris in the ears. Once dirt gets into the ear canal, it is necessary to call in an expert who can use specific instruments to get rid of this potentially harmful matter.

Maintaining a Cat’s Teeth & Nails

NailsA cat’s nails should be trimmed once a month on average and to give you an idea of how difficult it is, experts recommend that you practice on a toothpick before trying to trim your cat’s nails. If you accidentally trim into the pink area of the nail, you will cause a lot of pain to your cat. If you do attempt this at home, be sure your vial of Styptic powder at the ready to stop the bleeding.  As well as ensuring that the teeth of your cat are checked annually by your veterinarian, you can ask a professional groomer to show you how to do it at home. Unlike dogs, cats don’t chew on bones or chews; so they are more prone to getting plaque deposits on their teeth. There are special products required for adequate feline dental care and a professional grooming company will have them on hand. [Editor’s note: Greenies now has cat dental treats that treat bad breath and plaque build up between vet visits… and the cats can’t get enough of them!]

While grooming your cat can strengthen the bond between you, it is a difficult, time consuming process and for most cat owners, especially if you have a long haired breed. Using the services of a professional saves them time and money and results in a neatly groomed, fresh smelling cat in your home!

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