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Top Five DOs and DON’Ts of Crate Training

Crate Training Gone Wrong

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Welcome back, Pet Blog Readers! I’ve missed you!

We’ve been spending a lot of time focused on crate training and how to crate train your dog recently. Why have we been so focused on it? Crate training, if that is the route you are planning to go, is a long process and you must have dedication and commitment and stick to the training in order for it to work properly. You don’t want your dog to dread the crate – you want them to love it and look forward to their alone time or a place for solace. The only way that will happen is if you follow our guide and only move at a pace that your dog is comfortable with.

To summarize and simplify our crate training series, I put together my list of the top 5 things you should do when you are crate training and the top 5 things to avoid while crate training. Good luck!



Top 5 “Dos” of Crate Training

  • DO exercise your pet before crating
  • DO place the crate in a quiet corner of a frequently used room
  • DO make their crate comfortable and inviting
  • DO provide appropriate toys and treats in the crate [only if your pup can be trusted with toys while unsupervised – use your judgement]
  • DO choose a crate that will be the appropriate size when your pup grows up

Top 5 “Don’ts” of Crate Training

  • DON’T use the crate for punishment
  • DON’T force your dog into the crate
  • DON’T leave dogs in the crate for a long periods of time
  • DON’T let children or adults tease your crated dog
  • DON’T rush the crate training process

If you’re looking for more information on how to crate train your dog, check out my full crate training guide on thatpetplace.com. You’ll find specific details on each step of the crate training process and some of the commonly encountered problems and how to deal with them.

If you’re just starting the crate training process be sure to leave us a comment and let us know if our guides have helped you. We’d also love to know what kinds of problems you’re running into while trying to crate train your dog. Leave us a comment and we will consult with our experts to try to come up with a solution to help.

Don’t forget to link to our infographic, too! Print a copy of it and hang it near the crate as a friendly reminder of the proper way to crate train your pup so that everyone in your family is on board with the training process. Remember, consistency always makes training faster and easier on your dog!

Crate Training Infographic on ThatPetPlace.com

Crate Training Infographic from ThatPetPlace.com


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    Thanks for sharing those wonderful tips! they can be of a great help! can be good to try when home! but whenever we are going out for some holidays or specially when we cant take our lovely pets with us we always send them to kennels they are now like a second home to them! they are simply taken care of and they love going there!

  2. avatar

    That is A LOT of good information in one infographic, very well done! I crate train all my dogs as it has so many benefits, for them and me, and I recommend it to everybody.

  3. avatar

    Thanks for your comment! We agree – crate training has great benefits for everyone involved!

  4. avatar

    Man I love that infographic, I even saved it.

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    fantastic article , i completely agree with you, crate training can be great if done correctly , i especially like the point you made about making the crate inviting as you obviously want your dog to feel the crate is a pleasant place to be and somewhere they see as a safe haven

    plus i absolutely love the info graphic at the end of the article , its a great way to digest the information even quicker

    keep up the good work

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    First dog I’ve had that needs training for the crate all my others loved it instantly and never had any problems but this time my dog hasn’t auto piloted to it and wants to sit in front of the fire continually taking her toys out popping them there and relaxing should I discourage her from laying anywhere else?

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