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No Monkey Business – Caring for a Pet Monkey

Marcel from FriendsIf you’re as old as I am, you’ll probably remember that Ross from the TV show Friends had a capuchin monkey named Marcel early in the show’s infancy. Despite what the few episodes he appeared in showed, caring for a pet monkey is no simple task!

If you’re considering the purchase of a pet monkey, the first thing you’ll want to do is check on your state and city/county laws on the possession of non-human primates. There are 19 states (including New York and Pennsylvania) that outlaw the possession of monkeys. There are many other states that have partial bans or other requirements for the possession of monkeys as pets. Check out Pet Monkey Info for more information on the laws in your state.

Please welcome Jamal, our guest poster for the rest of this basic care guide on pet monkeys, as pet monkeys are beyond the scope of the pets the experts at That Pet Place. No matter what kind of pet you decide on, you should do a lot of research and talk with other pet owners in your area for advice before making any decision; doubly so for any exotic, uncommon wild creature in the U.S.


SQUIRREL MONKEYIt should be noted, that most of you are not cut out to be monkey owners. Now this is not slander on your ability as people, it is merely an observation that the average person does not have the time nor the commitment that is required to properly care for a monkey. A comparable example to a pet monkey is caring for a toddler an entire lifetime.

To the brave few who feel they are up to the task, I salute you and encourage that you read on.


This short guide is a great start to obtaining the information that you would need to begin caring for your first pet monkey, but far from complete. You must do extensive research, scouring the internet and books, for all information you can gather. To take this one step further try reaching out to an actual monkey owner to see what methods they use which you feel will be transferable to your monkey. Do the majority of your research before obtaining your monkey as this could be as this could be the decision maker into whether or not you are up to caring for a monkey. Make sure to research the different breeds of monkeys before getting much farther into the process.
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