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8 ways to exercise your dog indoors

Just like us our pets can pack on a few extra pounds over the cold months. Here are some tips to help keep your dogs active as the temperatures drop.


  1. Hide some of your dogs favorite treats around the house and put his natural instincts to work sniffing them out.
  2. Visit your local pet store for some socialization and a long walk through the aisles.
  3. Most human treadmills can be utilized for K-9 family members too. Make sure to take time to train you dog safely to use a treadmill, and never leash your pet to the treadmill.
  4. Play fetch with an indoor safe toy like the Chuck-It indoor roller. Add a little extra to the work out by throwing the ball up the steps!
  5. Make meal time more fun and stimulating with some interactive puzzle toys!
  6. Create an indoor agility course for your pup out of things around your house.
  7. Have a play date with one of your dogs 4legged buddies.
  8. Rotate your dogs toys so he stays interested and doesn’t get bored.


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    Small but good read. I too have a husky and although she loves to run outside, sometimes they just need more. She isn’t overweight and loves to run through the house at times but sometimes changing things up, even if small is not only good for the exercise but their overall morale. It’s important for the physical but also the mental. Whatever the weather – I like the idea of changing up the toys or transforming a human treadmill. Thanks for the read.

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    great ideas! This is very helpful especially when it rains.

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    What a useful article! I can really relate to the often-faced difficulties that dog owners have during the poorer months of the year. Responsible dog owners are never ‘fair weather dog walkers’ and we’re all too often seen sporting our wellies, waterproofs and winter warmers in a bid to keep our dogs healthy and happy during the inclement weather. Luckily for me too, we have a long hallway where our dog also loves to charge up and down chasing her favourite toys – this is a great supplement to her normal walks (and a dryer/warmer option in the winter!).

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    Thanks for these tips and its really helpful when it’s too cold, too hot, or just too wet outside, it is difficult for me to take my dog out for the exercise as they need to stay healthy and engaged.

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    Holisticvet - Dr Megan Kelly

    Therapeutic exercises are also great. There are many that your pet can do standing on one spot. They help to strengthen the core and the muscles that assist with joint stabilisation. So your pets get exercise and gets stronger, helping to decrease injuries and slow down the progression of Arthritis
    Thanks for the great article

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    It really is essential to keep your dog active and healthy, especially as they grow older. This is a great article for anybody with a dog!

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